Trade X Partners is comprised of Trade X International, the corporate barter arm of MDC Partners and Target X Media, providing traditional media research, planning and buying services . Our clients enjoy the benefits of our substantial marketplace leverage, media partnerships and, of course, our expertise. Trade X International, our corporate barter service, provides a powerful financial resource to help companies restore full value to almost any non-performing corporate asset…inventory surpluses, real estate and facilities, corporate transportation, capital equipment and more. Trade X International’s clients meaningfully reduce cash flow for such common operating expenses as advertising media, event sponsorships, branded entertainment as well as freight and transport, printing, displays, and promotional items. Our client partners can fund virtually any corporate procurement initiative with barter and realize tangible and quantifiable savings and ROI. Trade X International provides clients with the significant financial benefits of corporate barter, managed from a fulfillment-centric point of view. At Trade X, we know the real value of any corporate barter transaction is determined by the quality of the specific media, and/or goods and services our clients receive in return for their bartered assets. As such, we provide our client partners with quality goods and services that equal or exceed the high standards they set for their traditional cash purchases. Our leadership hails from senior level traditional media and corporate trade positions and have worked with many of the most recognized Fortune 500 companies. First and foremost, we are media and sourcing professionals….with the advantage of deep experience in corporate trade.